Welcome music listeners of all kind. My name is Selorm and I will be your friendly neighborhood music lover bringing you all that is FRESH in the world of voices over instruments. A quick background…Growing up in a home where my older brother was a rapper, I was purely a hip hop head. This was until I met my good friend Norris. Norris was very eclectic. He would hardly play hip hop, and when he did it would be some real OLD school stuff. So, after years of listening to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jim Morrison, I came to the conclusion that music can suck or music can be dope. Genre really doesn’t matter, it all about what one is exposed to. So this blog will bring A LOT of the good and a little of the bad, (can’t appreciate good without a little bad lol). Some mainstream, Most indie…

With that said, does anyone remember this song by Three 6 Mafia….This is how I was feeling this morning….

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Much love from da 808 state!! thank u for sharing ur ideas on music now a days!!! enlighten every1 wit da good ish (and bad!) tell um the real and bring it raw! 1love Selorm! Good vibez ur way.

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