Happy Father’s Day From Logan P. McCoy: “I Forgive You Pop”

Happy Father’s Day!!! I used to be very angry that my Dad wasn’t a big part of my life. But as I got older I realized exactly what Logan P. McCoy discovered when he made this song: it’s important to forgive and let go. Letting go is more about me than it is about my Dad. Logan’s lyrics really hit home with me, so I’ve included them in the post. This is a dope song, I hope you can forgive your Dad for anything he did, or didn’t do. It will only make you feel better. Happy Father’s Day!!!


I forgive you pop 4X

Poppa you told me I’d fail
Took the wind out my sails
But I knew I’d prevail/I felt like you bailed
High tailed it out my life
You know that wasn’t right
You ain’t care if I was alright
I wrote you out my life/Out my mind
Since you were ah outta my sight
You were dead to me/Poppa you disowned me
I’ve been feeding you lies
You don’t really know my life
I’m the secretive type/I don’t display my dislikes
You don’t know what it’s like
Resentment keeps you deprived
How dare you give me advice
My ears were shut to you tight
They won’t let in your lies
I wasn’t diggin’ your vibe
I didn’t care for your views/So I simply refused
I mean why listen to you/But I kept up the ruse
You were none the wiser
And now I’m wiser/I’ve been hurting myself
Now I’m nursing myself
Forgiving you I read is forgiving myself

Unrequited love had me bearing a grudge
And that’ll put you in a rut
Hit you in the gut/Now it harder to trust
And it messes it up/Relations go bust
Making it harder to love
Had it hurt me so much/I never would budge
Who am I to judge?/I expected too much
You don’t know too much about being a pop
I know you lost your pop
So you missed that class/But I give you a pass
The cycle has to stop/I won’t sit by and watch
It’s about time it stopped/So poppa here’s a start
We have to play our parts/Or betray our hearts
Staying forever in the dark
I need some light in my heart
Too cold when it’s dark
I almost gave up your name
Just to kill your remains
To start a family tree/That is starting with me
How startled you’d be/But far be it from me

History repeats/And the cycle won’t cease
What he does to me/I’ll do to my seed
That’s a disease/From, which we yearn to be free
That’s a disease/From, which we all can be free

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