Harn SOLO & Caliobzvr – “The Experiment” (EP)

I have to admit, Harns SOLO is one of the most creative rappers I’ve ever heard. Mix in Caliobzvr, who is also a breathe of fresh air and you have a very cool project. “The Experiment” is the combined efforts of west coast natives Harn SOLO and Caliobzvr. The six-song EP reflects a strong musical bond that was forged while performing in New Orleans with producer extraordinaire Pro Prospek. “Wasted Talent” is really dope too.

IX Daily magazine says, “Their collab EP is exactly what it is – an experiment. Different types of flow and lyrics are used; the beats are like something you’ve never heard of before – futuristic and progressive. There are motivational songs like “The Rap Race” and “Wasted Talent” as Solo and Caliobzvr encourage each other, as well as the listener, to be successful and pursue the artistic dreams one may have.”

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