Anna Renee- Battle Cry

Such a dope song. I LOVE the lyrics to this song. Hope is near!!! Even the most positive person needs a message of hope every now and then.

Anna Renee’s new single, “Battle Cry” is a resounding and powerful reflection of perseverance and determination. The track begins with lightweight piano, tinkering across the melody as Anna’s smooth vocals twist and turn beside it, rising up to a lush chorus. Each high and low of the song is peppered with slamming drums and surging harmonies, creating an intriguing energy that keeps the listener locked in. As the song moves along, it pulses with vitality and hope, Anna flawlessly injecting her undeniable positivity into every moment of the intense musical arrangement. Her voice soars, matching the heightened climactic moment of lyrical self empowerment that gives the songs all the trappings of a surefire hit.


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