Asante- Show Me The War

Produced, performed and written by Asante…this is a really deep track. War is always ugly, though some say it’s necessary. But I don’t think it is.

Setting out to create a feeling of anxiety and unease, Asante’s interest in film and visuals informed the sound of ‘Show Me The War’. “For this beat I had this idea of someone walking down a very large almost never ending corridor with a sort of hazy look to it, which was basically my visual representation of anxiety,” he explains.

The track focuses around two soldiers going to war. “I can’t imagine anything making someone feel more uneasy than the thought of going to war,” says Asante of his subject matter. The song sees a pair of soldiers going to war from opposing sides, believing that they are doing good. After seeing war for what it is, their minds are changed. The first half of both verses are written from a first person perspective whilst the second half summarises the views of the author and gives Asante’s opinion on the events.

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