Joe Johnson is the basketball equivalent of Eli Manning

Very good article by Bryan Brandom @…is he really? I know all of my friends and I wish he wasn’t so cool all the time. But I guess that’s just who he is.

On Sunday night, the Brooklyn Nets’ Joe Johnson rumbled to the rim with 10 seconds remaining in a tangle against the Dallas Mavericks, banking home a shot that would send the game into overtime. Down two, coach Jason Kidd went with a super small lineup—with Paul Pierce playing “center”—to spread the floor for Johnson and let him take his man one-on-one. And why wouldn’t Kidd? Johnson has proven time and time again to be a cool customer in big moments, unfazed offensively and always able to get at least a decent shot.

This point in the game forced me to wonder, Why Joe Johnson? Why is a player with an unjust reputation of sometimes being apathetic on offense (which mostly stems from his contract being so unbefitting of his overall output), a player that will just as likely put up two points in a game as 37, also arguably the league’s best big-shot taker?

Read the whole article HERE

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