Anna Renee- Guilty

This song is a hit! I can hear it in television shows like Scandal. Her voice is dope, the music is lush, and I’ve never even heard of her. There are sooo many people out there who should have mainstream success this year. Anna Renee is one…most def!

Rising star, Anna Renee, gets soulful and personal on her debut single “Guilty.” The definition of a triple threat, Anna is a singer, songwriter, and actress who’s spent her life studying the art of performance. Her music is a unique mix of Fiona Apple style piano reflections and memorable pop hooks that leave a lasting impression. Her collaborations with Stevie Mackey (The Voice) and Rock Mafia’s Aaron Dudley (Miley Cyrus, YLA) helped her fine tune and develop a unique sound of her own. Her talent for songwriting is apparent in her debut single, “Guilty” which dives deep into the process of self-acceptance and pulses with the excitement of a radio ready hit.


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