Tom & Hebron- Who Are You (And What Have You Become?)

I really like this song. Tom & Hebron, based out of Nashville; have independently finished their sophomore album Zoyugo. I got the chance to check it out and I have to say its different yet dope. The theme is a celebration of the role women play in peoples lives. It’s definitely the kind of music we appreciate here at WNAG! Their Zoyugo album was also created as independently as possible. “From a tin-roof cabin in the woods of rural Arkansas, the brothers produced, recorded, mixed, programmed, wrote, and performed everything on the album, including the wide variety of instruments (guitars, keyboards, percussion, bass, brass, woodwinds, accordion, strings, etc.) and vocals.” That is VERY impressive and shows dedication to their craft, I can dig it. Take a listen to a very ill track off the album called “Who Are You (And What Have You Become?)” then pre-order the album HERE.

2 thoughts on “Tom & Hebron- Who Are You (And What Have You Become?)

  1. I’m glad you’ve featured these guys! I grew up with them and can vouch for their musical attributes. I’ve achieved several musical milestones in my life by becoming a soldier in a Army Band and having marched/received intimate instruction with an elite Drum and Bugle Corps in DCI.
    I’d like to think I have an ear for talent and I try my best to listen to music in an unbiased sense.
    I fully believe that Tom and Hebron’s passion for hard work and dedication to original songwriting will make them stand out among the rest!

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