WNAG Would Like To Welcome Home Lil Boosie @BOOSIEOFFICIAL

WELCOME HOME LIL BOOSIE! The power of belief is REAL, despite what he went through he NEVER lost hope!!!

In 2013, Boosie spoke with Spin magazine (they sent him questions and he responded via mail) about his time in prison, and how when he got out, his music would be better than ever.

“I’ve coped by knowing in my heart that I’m someone special who many people love,” he told the mag. “If you lose hope in yourself, you’ll make your time hard. I always felt that my mission wasn’t complete. I feel I haven’t reached the star power that was destined for me. That makes me keep writing and thinking of ways to better myself as a man and artist. When it feels like the world is on my shoulders, I look at my pictures from when I was free and it gives hope and determination to pushing.”

I’m very happy that he is out, he released this freestyle as he drove home!

The Ride Home Freestyle (Part 1)

The Ride Home Freestyle (Part 2)

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