Interview with the Beautiful DJ Daisy Dukes

The always sexy and talented DJ Daisy Dukes recently sat down with the homie Kareem Williams of Real Entertainment News for a cool interview where she discusses her Djing past, her modeling career, and much more.

1. DJ Daisy Dukes how long have you been DJ’ing and what made you start DJ’ing?

I have been Djing for 6-7 years. I love music.

2. DJ Daisy Dukes what is the process of getting booked for a DJ’ing gig and how can a person or company book you?

Most people normally hear about me or read about me somewhere. But most of my information is online. To book me go to my website

unnamed3. DJ Daisy Dukes what makes you different for all the other female DJ’s that are out right now?

I don’t know. Every female DJ is different in their own way. Whether it’s looks or Djing style

4. DJ Daisy Dukes how hard is it being a female DJ and do guys try to talk to you a lot?

Guys try to talk to me period. It’s wherever I go really, and it comes with the job so it’s just regular life for me

5. DJ Daisy Dukes you are also part of The Core DJ’s, how did that happen and what id the process of becoming a Core DJ?

Yes I am. I have been a core dj for about 4 years now. Tony Neal hand selects the Djs either through nomination or word of mouth

6. DJ Daisy Dukes has The Core DJ’s done for your brand?

Yes. It’s like a fraternity automatic family and support.

7. DJ Daisy Dukes you are also a very very pretty Model. How did you get into modeling and do you like about being a model?

I got into modeling with people telling me I should be a model. Some people had some paid liquor promo gigs and it kinda went from there. I get a lot of free stuff

8. DJ Daisy Dukes what are some Magazines that you have been in and what do you feel was your best spread?

I have been in Blackmen, straight stuntin, sweets and more. I think my best spread was black men’s

9. DJ Daisy Dukes for the guys out there that want to know, are you single and what type of guys are you into?

Yes I’m single. I’m into my work right now. I’m celibate.

10. DJ Daisy Dukes what do you want to be remembered as at the end of all of this?

Someone who lived life free doing what I enjoyed to do

11. DJ Daisy Dukes what else do you have going on outside of Modeling and DJ’ing?

I have a bathing suit line coming up and a blinging business a baking business

12. Give any shout outs that you have and promote what ever you need to promote?

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