AERS-“Blue Tempest” EP out this May

What a voice!!! Her voice is like a mix of Adele and Lana Del Rey. AERS is an indie-folk electronic duo based in Brooklyn, NY. Their debut EP, “Blue Tempest” comes out in May. So as a way to get you ready for their EP, they’ve released these two music videos to two DOPE songs off the EP. Check em out below.

The songs, written by Tasha Abbott, began as her solo music project. But as friends began to take part and Zack took a more active role in arranging, the sound became more electric in tone with the atmospheric layer of electric guitar, while still maintaining the folk root with the acoustic bass and strings. With influences such as Grizzly Bear, Laura Marling, Feist, and Sigur Ros, the melodies and lyrics of Tasha underscore the darker textures that the strings and electronics add to the music.

AERS – “Flutter”

 AERS – “With a Light”

Official Website

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