Illmaculate- Disturb (prod. By Chase Moore)

“…I aint meant to be broke in a system meant to be broken…”
“…Think about the snakes that we gave power, bathe their soul in gun powder, the flame shower, the same one flew the planes in the twin towers, the real terrorists came out of the Mayflower…” Told you that this guy has bars and flows…I appreciate this, its like a stream of consciousness that I’m sure we can all relate to in some shape or form. The beat is perfect too!

On his new single Do Not Disturb, Portland’s Illmaculate sheds light on some ugly truths ranging from personal excess to societal injustice. Producer Chase Moore enlists head-nodding drums and spaced-out synths for a dramatic sound that adds some brightness to the dark subject matter. More heady lyricism and slick production can be expected from Illmaculate’s Clay Pigeons LP, which hits record stores and online retailers March 11th.

Chase Moore

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