Tree- Stuck Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole (feat. Beat Culture & Lena Kuhn)

Talk about a creative video, its off his “Demons EP”…Tree has been gone for a little while…but he’s back. And what a story…Just remember WNAG was one of the first blogs to post his music….

“This is our first short film, ‘Stuck Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole’. I wrote, produced, performed, engineered & mixed the song when I was 18. My friend Beat Culture was 17 at the time when he contributed some synths and percussion. Lena Kuhn was also 18 at the time she recorded her segment of the vocals. We were just kids attempting to make the music we wanted to hear. But quickly after posting this specific song for free download on my soundcloud MTV and Record labels began approaching me out of no where. This was the song that sparked the attention of R&S Records, eventually landing me a full time job working as an artist for them.

Official Website

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