Mr. J. Medeiros- Forenoon (prod. by Beatsofreen)

This is it right here…no more posts after this. I want you all to listen and let these words sink in…This is rhythm and poetry at its finest. I’m including the lyrics…read along…

I’m afraid of what she means to me
I’m ashamed of how mean I can be
I bow scene after scene
I’m proud, being like me is loud
Defending a cloud
Pretending that I’m seen by a crowd
How to handle a narcissist caught in his own reflection
Vandalize it with causes that cost him his own rejection
Only for a second though as if to check the rope
Before you swing into the air and let it go
Moving glaciers is our human nature
Snowmen I seek no man grooming his nomenclatures
I need a silent time to dim a vibrant mind
Dare me in the dark scare me with the light I find
Like in a diamond mine these round brilliant brown filaments eyes
They find me and my villain disguise
Now who am I to despise myself
And love me at the same time, realize thyself
Mapped by all senses trapped by all tenses
Clap by all means it weans the apprehensive
The all seeing defenses bat at all things it deems offensive
Drew a pistol when just a kiss will do
Even when I can’t stand you I miss you too
See the world like a missile do
Never stalling in the launch or pausing in the arch
Just falling to a home I built leaving it charred
Breathing is hard
The wheezing I disregard
There’s only one reason
I mean glory
I mean charge like in Glory
Glory as in the mornings
She charge me in the light and write in me a story
Till morning turns to night
And I cease to charge
Give me peace and a reason to recharge
Safety, this is what it made me
New world no escape key
Shake me like a baby if I cry too much
Fell in love with a world but she lied too much
Fell in love with a girl who’s eyes do touch
Who’s hands do see
Who finds me clutched
To this stool
To this side of the pool
My cars outside
Putting on my face
Because everybody’s miming
The bar is just an honest place
Where everybody’s lying
Odd timing when I’m telling a joke
To keep the swelling in my throat
From developing hope
Who’s selling me that soap but a bloke in the mire
Throwing me his pitch as coach and umpire
Came to get a hit with his throat on fire
He came blaming the rich for a blown out tire
I said I’m quite certain we in a light curtain
Staring into the night like is this mic working
I fight versions of me to find the right person
See how his sight serves him and if he likes Gershwin
Certainly it’s him
Certainty is thin
Sure as the shylock working me within
I call a truce
Found the exit in the excuse
The fit noose getting loose
With every sipped goose
The golden droplet
Hold it hostage in an eyebrow
Bulging sockets only profit
When you lie down
Putting on a face
Cus everyone is miming
The bar is just an honest place
Where every body’s lying
In outer space a fire timing
Higher climbing
Throwing silver to the sky lining
Good morning

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