Alexia Enberg- For You

Okay…I do wish I wrote this. I met a girl recently who makes me feel like this…or maybe that’s too strong, but I like her. Dope song. I’m learning more and more everyday how hard it can be to be vulnerable. But as Alexia so beautifully sings, “I’m learning from my mistakes.”

The debut singel “For you” by Gothenburg based Alexia Enberg forces you into a dark, vulnerable and honest place within yourself. The naked, crying and vibrating synth with Alexia´s vocal would make anybody´s heart beat faster, it makes you feel that she is singing just for you. When the choros sets in/takes over the expressions and melodies intertwine and punch you in the stomach leaving you bewildered trying to gasp for air. “For you” is not just a love song it is a song that you wish you had a written.

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