Forever Famicom DLC 3 by Mega Ran & K-Murdock (Album Review)

As I was listening to this new album from Mega Ran and K- Murdock, “Forever Famicon DLC 3”, my little cousin walked in and asked me what game I was playing. I laughed and told him that I was bumping some music, not playing a game. He said, “ohhh, that sounds good.” And he’s not a rap fan, trust me. He hates most of the music I play lol. I have to say this album took me back. I’ve heard songs with video game beats before, but this collection of songs had me feeling like that wide eyed kid at the arcade watching his older brother hustle other dudes in Street Fighter 2. 

What I really appreciate about this album is their commitment to the concepts. For example, on “One Bad Day” Mega Ran tells such a dope story of a man who decides to become a crook in order to take care of his family but gets busted by Batman. Its like hes telling the story of Joker, but he puts it in a way that makes it relevant to someone who wouldn’t know anything about Batman. Plus the production on the entire album has a gritty, yet somewhat playful vibe. “Funkirazan” samples “Street Fighter 2” and the slightly sped up tempo is the perfect backdrop to Mega Ran’s story of Ryu. The sound effects K- Murdock added made me feel like I was playing the game, or even watching “Street Fighter 2 The Animated Movie” (which by the way is one of the dopest cartoon movies ever). This album gets an A rating from me. Its not an album about video games, instead it uses video games as a means to express the human condition. Is a rap version of the Wonder Years.


I believe this album is more than worth your time. Check out the official video to “MONSTER” feat Mark Phoenix.

Go to their Bandcamp to purchase.

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