ShayBriggs- Heavily Medicated (Official Music Video)

I like this young lady’s vibe. Produced by Ant_Stew, Shay’s hit new single “Heavily Medicated” is a response to the molly trend in hip hop. The song takes you on a journey of a girl who experiments with drugs and the not so glamorous consequences that come with it.

Influenced by her faith in God and some of her favorite artists such as, LaCrae, Big Krit, Eminem, and Iggy Azalea. Shay strives to make her content modern and meaningful. She says, “Don’t get me wrong. I love a good party song to dance and work out to however, hip hop is much more then party songs. I wasn’t designed to be an advertisement for money, chains, cars, and girls. It was created as an outlet for emotion and a tool used to empower the oppressed. It’s time that we bring more of that meaning back to hip hop, particularly through Female MC’s.”


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