Hellenica- They Are Out For Blood (EP)

Jim Demos AKA Hellenica recently dropped his new EP “They Are Out For Blood” and I love it! Its dark and gloomy with small pockets of hope! Take a listen below and read his bio for more info on Hellenica!

Jim Demos AKA Hellenica grew up in the West-End’s industrial part of Winnipeg, amongst rusted train yards and crumbling storage facilities. Aside from the years of searching out obscure metal albums as a kid, he later became interested in the chicago, san diego, chapel hill music scenes, shoegazer bands of the early 90’s, and the krautrock/experimental scene of the 70’s. Even though these styles could be heard in many of his projects, an ethnic influence was always present in his guitar playing. The Greek folk music sounding from his fathers 8-track tapes has had significant presence throughout his childhood and embedded itself in the fibers of his writing . On special occasions, Jim’s family visited the Greek Orthodox church where he first heard the ancient chant-like music of the Greek Orthodox choir, a major influence in Hellenica. Also Intrigued by spaghetti-western films and their soundtracks, Jim began to fuse these styles, among others, into beautiful arrangements that are eventually guided into a vortex of carefully controlled sonic chaos. He lives and works in Montréal.

Official Website

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