The Colourist- Fix This (The Chainsmokers Remix)

AMZING remix…but are you surprised? When have they disappointed you in the past?

Well we are massive fans of The Colourist and their EP and we really wanted to remix one of their songs off the album. A bunch of the tunes had already been remixed by some great artists but ‘Fix This’ hadn’t been touched yet, which was great because that was one of our favorites. Funny enough as explained above, the remix came together so fast that we got the stems and were already half way done with the song before we even considered the release of it, but truth is, we are in the business of making music, and we love this song. We were honored to work with this band and stream or purchase or free DL, whatever it may be, we were super happy with how it turned out…. As for the style, well we wanted to create this sort of give it a take with the production against her vocal, where the sounds chosen playfully dance along with her voice building this tension, and slowly as you arrive at the build up the emotion gushes out into the stabs of the drop…

Listen to more tunes HERE

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