11 People in Sneakers We Should Be Thankful For

One should be thankful everyday one is alive! But today is the nationally appointed day of giving thanks, so as seen on Complex I bring to you 11 people in sneakers we should be thankful for:

Paul Fireman
Affiliation: Reebok

There is really no way to tell if Reebok would have ever made it to the US without Paul Fireman, but he is the first to bring the brand across the “pond”. Back in 1979, Paul attended an international trade show and brokered the first deal to bring Reebok to the USA. Just think, no Iversons, Shaq Attaqs, Black Tops, or even S. Carters.

Phil Knight
Affiliation: Nike

Luckily, he didn’t keep the original name of his company, Blue Ribbon Sports. Otherwise, all the decisions Phil Knight made since he co-founded Nike have been nothing short of amazing. He started selling shoes out of his van and now sells shoes all over the world as the man behind the worlds largest sneaker brand.

Ken Hicks
Affiliation: Foot Locker, Inc.

To say you should be thankful for Ken Hicks is a bit of an understatement, as he’s the man behind the place you’ve visited countless times to cop your kicks. Best known for the Foot Locker franchise, Ken also runs things at Champs, Footaction, CCS, and Eastbay. Let’s just say he is a #boss.

Adi Dassler
Affiliation: adidas

Though at first glance the name may seem unfamiliar, Adolf “Adi” Dassler was not only the founder of adidas but he is also the brother of the founder of another large brand, Puma. Who says that rift between brothers can’t be the cause for something great.

Tinker Hatfield
Affiliation: Nike

The Air Max 1, Air Jordans III through XIII, SC Trainers. Nothing more need be said. If it wasn’t for Tinker’s genius, the sneaker game wouldn’t be where it is today. Give thanks.

These are just a few, for the complete list head over to Complex

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