Sunshine Dreamers- Good Morning Afternoon (Album)

The Sunshine Dreamers have a brand new CD out called “Good Morning Afternoon”. Its pretty cool, different in a good way. Its worth listening to, so stream below and don’t forget to support if no, when you like what you hear.

Here is a little backstory on the band:

The Sunshine Dreamers are a band from Wichita, Kansas that began as a recording project during the summer of 2006 by three friends, each of whom wanted to be involved musically in something different than they were currently a part of. After about 2 years of demoing and figuring out the kind of songs they wanted to pursue, the three original Dreamers opened up their tightly guarded door to their makeshift studio to a couple other ambitious musicians. As a five piece the band began playing around town putting the recording aspect of the band on hold temporarily in order to focus on their now able live unit. They released their first EP in the fall of 2009 and after a few line up changes released a second EP in the summer of 2010. After playing pretty regularly around their area for about a year and releasing a full length album they decided to halt playing live to focus their efforts into strictly writing/recording new music. In November of 2013 they’ll release their album “Good Morning Afternoon” to be followed in 2014 by another full length release.

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