ASANTE- Dumb It Down- (Studio Session) LF8 Music

He killed this. Talented London rapper Asante visited LF8 Music at Prolific Studios in Northampton and laid down his own bars on Lupe Fiasco’s 2007 track ‘Dumb It Down’ from Lupe’s ‘The Cool’ album.

UK blog, LF8 Music, filmed Asante’s version of “Dumb it Down” and featured it online, which was then posted on the world renowned Rap Genius website. Inspired by the response to his freestyle, Asante decided to write and produce a new song, Conscious Mind, to post the next day. The track chronicles the path of a conscious rapper trying to stay true to his roots but being seduced by the material world. The track was put on the Editor’s Pick list of Rap Genius sitting on the list with heavy weight MCs like Raekwon and Kanye West.

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