Nehedar- This Heart (Album)

Nehedar is the project of local NYC-based songwriter Emilia Cataldo who just released her 6th independent album “This Heart.” The child of free spirited, nomadic musicians, Cataldo was exposed to a wide variety of cultural and musical influences along the way; a treasure she has drawn from to create her richly layered music that has always been best described as “original.” The music of Nehedar reflects Cataldo’s fascinating journey through life. That path eventually took her to the study of Jewish Mysticism, which infuses her work and led to her taking on the name Nehedar for herself and the band, which means wonderous in Hebrew. The recordings of Nehedar, usually made with Brooklyn, NY, producer Little Pioneer (Craig Levy), feature various combinations of anti-folk pop, indie-rock, and electronica, delivered with the subtle jazz influences from Cataldo’s father. You can stream and buy “This Heart” below. She has a GREAT voice!

Official Website

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