Procussions New Album

Go out and support NOW! Watch the lead single On A Mountain feat. Logan below.

Rising from the LA underground rap scene to spearhead the rebirth of classic hip hop imprint, Rawkus Records, their sophomore album, “5 Sparrows For 2 Cents”, launched them onto the top of critics’ lists and tours around the world. Now, seven years later, Stro Elliot and Mr J. Medeiros have rejoined forces to create a truly powerful collection of timeless hip hop.

Inspired by a surge of interest following a 2012 reunion show, The Procussions created an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new album, reaching their goal within three days and finishing with nearly double. Funding in hand, Medeiros and Elliot went to work crafting an album that reflected their desire to both pay tribute to their deep hip hop roots and explore new sonic ground.

Fully produced by rapper and multi-instrumentalist Stro Elliot, “The Procussions” showcases a musical maturity and fearless diversity that goes well beyond the sample-and-a-loop simplicity of many hip hop artists. While the suave swing of “Today” (featuring Shad, and trumpeter J. Kyle Gregory), street-level grit of “Badges” (feat. ¡Mayday! & Phoenix Troy), and soul-soaked sounds of “DNA” echo the golden age nostalgia of kindred spirits like A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots, the hypnotic drum and guitar meditation of “Insomnia,” smooth A Capella pop of “On A Mountain” (featuring Logan), funky-drummer-fuelled fury of “Iron Vox,” and raw rock rhythms of “Phantasm” (featuring 20Syl of Hocus Pocus) reveal an uncanny ability to fuse the best of the boom bap era with harder edged modern pop and rock sensibilities.

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