HelioS – The Flying North EP

HelioS is a man of his word. He’s back with a new EP! Check it out below.

Exactly a year ago, I put it out there that I would make 4 projects within a year that would represent the 4 seasons. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. By the grace of God and determination and creativity, I finally did it.

The Flying North EP is the end to the story of my first year at college. It’s not the ending I expected or necessarily wanted, but there is no doubt in my mind that it is the right one. It chronicles the ”death” of HelioS the Sun god, my betrayal of a dear friend, and the leaving behind of a Florida girl I loved for North Jersey, with a promise that I would return. In the Fall.

Birds fly south for the Winter, so I’m Flying North for the Summer.

Official Website

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