Crazy Pills Debut Release Record ‘Restless’ OUT NOW! (Album Review)

NYC’s female-fronted rock n roll trio Crazy Pills’ 1st album “Restless”, recorded by Jeff Berner at Galuminum Foil, is out now! I gladly recieved a copy to review. I again had the pleasure of teaming up with the amazing writer/music blogger, Brynn Alexander of Musicology 101 to do the review. You can check out the review below and stream HERE.

Crazy Pills – Restless

Generally I don’t expect bands to sound terribly experienced on their debut album, so when I heard that Crazy Pills had released a collection of guitar-driven tunes that ranged from a Motown soul sound all the way over to surf punk, I wasn’t really convinced the album would be cohesive enough to pull off such a wide spectrum of styles. Upon listening to Restless, however, I quickly became convinced – this is an album that sounds like it was created by seasoned songwriters with a clear idea of who they are and where they’re headed.

When the first track, “Nothing but Love,” burst out of the starting gate, I was a little surprised that it hadn’t been chosen as the first single off the album. I soon discovered, though, that this is an album full of singles, and pretty much every track has a hook that is worthy of standing on its own. The songwriting is catchy, sure, but it’s not gimmicky – these are solid tunes with solid arrangements, and there’s not really a weak link in the entire collection.

The song that did end up being the first single, “Break It Down,” is certainly deserving of representing Crazy Pills and their sound. Part The’s and part Joan Jett, the song takes all the best of rockabilly and punk, wraps it into a package of organized chaos, and really showcases the vocal power of lead singer Kitten.

By the fifth track, “Second Chance,” the album takes a left turn into summer rock, the perfect soundtrack for the long drive to the beach. It’s a welcome change, and somehow fits right in with the feel of the rest of the album, despite having a much different feel from the previous songs. Subsequent tracks are similarly more modern-sounding than the first half of the album, almost as if Crazy Pills are taking you on a journey through time as well as through musical styles. It’s a journey that works well in every way, and it’s clear that this is a band whose strength is bonding with the audience on an emotional level.

Based on how well this studio album comes across, I’d be very interested to see Crazy Pills live and feel the energy of these songs in person. Restless is powerful, it’s structurally sound, and yet somehow it manages to remain fun and carefree at the same time. If this band has even half the passion onstage that they do on these recordings, their live show must be out of this world.

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