Quick Question! Would you like to be a part of The Procussions team?

Would you like to be a part of The Procussions team?

They are currently searching for assistants, interns, street-teamers, web designers, social butterflies, networkers, promoters, stylists, journalists, um…pretty much anyone with any sincere talent and/or great ideas that could help get their music out there!

If the music business is your field of interest this may be an experience worth having, a reason to get started, and a way to get connected. If you love The Procussions music you may receive free access to shows, music, and merchandise as well as a big “THANK YOU!” in their liner notes. Who knows, you may become a permanent member of the independent hustle!

If Interested then write them at pro@theprocussions.com with your:
And a brief description of how you would like to help. Please include any talents, skills, and/or education that may be applied- keeping in mind a great talent may be a willingness to help!

Check Out Some Tunes HERE

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