Hana Kim – Mexico

Los Angeles based Hana Kim is a soulful and accomplished singer-songwriter with two successful EPs under her belt. Determined and passionate, Kim is an artist that has spent years perfecting her craft, injecting her influences from artists like Norah Jones, to The Black Keys into her unique style of pop. Hana will be releasing her new album “Exodo” in September and she is offering up the first single off of the album. Check it out below.

Her new single “Mexico” provides somewhat of an exotic and dangerous feel. Infused with old school flavor, Kim’s soulful voice glides effortlessly over the beat provided by the bass and rhythm of the drums. The electric breakdown resonates deeply highlighting the grooving rhythm amplifying the desperation to escape that seems built within the lyrics. Kim showcases her unique style and colorful influences from the first note of the song, to the underlying ooo’s hidden beneath the folds of the well crafted instrumentation. A force to be reckoned with, Hana Kim brings her soul to the world of pop, in the vein of artists like Adele. Be sure to check out Hana Kim’s dynamic new single, “Mexico.”

Official Website

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