Spaceman- Everybody’s Dead (prod By Vulkan The Krusader)

Check out this joint produced by Vulkan The Krusader for Spaceman.

After years of performing and recording, Spaceman is no stranger to the pressures of the pursuit of hip-hop glory. Whether it be with the punk-psychedelic-rap fusion PMER (Punk Band) or his production work on the Inner City Kids mixtape “Youth In Revolt”, Spaceman has worn many hats in his short but quite active stint on the underground New York rap scene. 2013 sees the upcoming release of his debut solo project “Over It”, a psychedelic tour-de-force blending hip-hop with punk, electronic and experimental vibes and portraying a protagonist embracing the absurdity of modern life. Representing the rising Inner City Kids movement, Spaceman is poised to make a significant impact in the coming months.

One thought on “Spaceman- Everybody’s Dead (prod By Vulkan The Krusader)

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