Logan P. McCoy- Logan P. McCoy (Album Review)

Logan P. McCoy has a brand new album dropping very soon, its called Logan P. McCoy. I was given an advanced copy to review before its official release. I had the pleasure of teaming up with the amazing writer/music blogger, Brynn Alexander of Musicology 101 to do the review. He wrote this exclusive piece for WNAG on Logan’s album. You can get a listen to the album below (its a premaster stream).

Logan P. McCoy – Logan P. McCoy

I was given a chance this week to listen to an advance copy of Logan P. McCoys new eponymous album. This collection of eight tracks was not only great to listen to, I think it’s going to be one of the top independent hip-hop releases of the summer.

From the opening lines of the first track, “A Prayer for Redemption,” it’s clear McCoy knows his way around a mic. As an opener, “Prayer” is a bold choice, as it’s neither the most uptempo nor the most showy song on the album. It’s a solid song, though, and it establishes a confidence that sets the tone for the everything that comes after.

That said, the second track makes a quick switch with “Dirty Dancer,” and McCoy demonstrates that he can do dub, as well. The third track features yet another tempo change, as “A Secret Life” brings the pace down and explores themes of people who live double lives.

Logan-P.-McCoy-by-Lexus-Franck-IcepikBy the time the fourth track, “Cruisin’,” comes along, a great foundation has been laid for a variety of styles that somehow all fit together, and it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some summer driving tunes. The second half of the album really settles into a groove, but somehow manages not to be repetitive – McCoy has a great mastery of tempo, and manages to take the listener on a journey that makes perfect sense.

The energy levels rise and fall accordingly, and nowhere is this more evident than in “Decaying Relations,” a track that dares you not to move along with the beat in some way. Even though it’s a song about, well, decaying relations, the music seems hopeful somehow, as if the ruins of the relationship are leaving the door open for better things in the future.

The album has a strong finish with the track “Logan P. McCoy,” with McCoy saving his best work for last. It’s a fitting ending for a set of songs that show a good range of styles, and the string sample only adds to the drama. It also has some of the strongest lyrics in the album, complete with a catchy chorus that will have you singing it over and over throughout the day (I know this from personal experience).

All in all, McCoy has a real winner here, and it’s refreshing to see an independent artist pushing the limits of what can be done with rap in an indie setting. This album is definitely worth your time, and if you’re at all curious about the frontiers of new hip-hop, Logan P. McCoy is certainly a good place to start.

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