CleoSol- Borderline

A clever twist on Kendrick Lamar’s, “The Recipe”, The Fugees’, “Ready Or Not” and ‘Aaliyah’s, “More Than a Woman”, ‘Borderline’ is the start of a new musical direction for Cleo and is the first of three new tracks that will be available for fans to download for free every two weeks.

Raised in Ladbroke Grove by musical parents, Cleo’s music fuses her unique heritage (her mother is half Serbian, half Spanish and her father is Jamaican) and is something that is truly her own. She’s that girl from school who always dared to be different, with a retro style that says New York block party with a touch of St Martin’s college reunion. “If all else fails, it’s all about the big hair and big earrings” she says.

Official Website

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