Mechanimal – Mechanimal (Album Stream)

Loving this!

Just six months after its initial release in Greece, Mechanimals’ self- titled debut album was reissued worldwide by Inner Ear Records and Rough Trade Distribution. Originally released in November of 2012, by Inner Ear Records, an independent record label based in Patras, Mechanimals’ first album was an instant critical and commercial hit, named “Album of the Year” by magazines and blogs

Mechanimal, formed in 2011 in Athens Greece, in the midst of an unprecedented economic and social decline. Spawned out like a “living creature with wires as veins” pulsating with abrasive vocals into a murky terrain of quirky sounds that are painted on with monophonic synth arps, delays and distortion. Mechanimal persist on finding beauty and hope in the unforgiving urban terrain not by distance but by submergence, a living, breathing new kind of music. Serious synths. Fuzzy drones. Spoken word. Mechanimal is alive!

You can buy it HERE

Official Website

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