AFTHENAYSAYER -Imagerial Denouement feat. Myka Nyne


Producer AF THE NAYSAYER presents “Imagerial Denouement”, his new single featuring Myka Nyne of Freestyle Fellowship. A tribute to the late Japanese producer Nujabes, Reserved Records has released “Denouement” on limited-edition 7″ vinyl. A native Californian, AF now splits his time between Lake Charles, Lousiana and New Orleans, where he has become a mainstay of the city’s burgeoning electronic beat scene. The cover art is a painting from artist Wes Sumerall, and the single was mastered by Richard Simpson, responsible for work with the Monkees and David Bowie. ”Originally ‘Denouement’ was just an instrumental, made before Nujabes death,” AF explains. “The title is a play on words of his song ‘Imaginary Folklore’. This song was my tribute to Nujabes, because he has such a large influence on my work.” Reserved Records is offering the digital version and a choice of the vinyl or a poster of the cover art for a special price at their Bandcamp page. The digital version is also available on iTunes.

One thought on “AFTHENAYSAYER -Imagerial Denouement feat. Myka Nyne

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