Eric Dingus- Subliminal Innocence EP


18-year-old Austin, Texas producer presents his fourth instrumental project, the Subliminal Innocence EP, out now. “Like many of my releases, the main vibe is ethereal or dreamy instrumentals,” says Eric. “I wanted to show that this dreamy vibe could have variety, and work as a full length project. It was inspired by my depression, Japanese horror movies, video game soundtracks, and just the music I enjoy – hip hop and electronic music. I want people to figure out for themselves what they think the title means, and how it connects the music.” About the lead single “Teach You How To Love” Eric says “I’ve never been in love, so the only thing I know how to love at this time in my life is music. It was inspired by how I hope in the future I can understand love for other people.” Eric has worked with artists like Main Attrakionz, The 6th Letter, Bones, Chris Travis, Amber London and Ethel Wulf.

Official Website

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