The Black Moods – Hey You + Debut Album

This is deep. I really like the lyrics on this song. Their new album is downloadable on their Soundcloud. You can stream it below after the video. I like their sound a lot!

The Black Moods are a 3-piece rock outfit hailing from Tempe, Arizona and they are bringing a new level of heat out of the Sonoran desert. Led by one of the most electric frontmen/guitarists in music today, the Black Moods bring the world what rock music has been missing for quite some time – Pure, effortless talent. The band’s self-titled debut album is packed with a healthy dose of guitar-driven powerhouses such as “Can’t Sleep at Night” & “Like a Wave”, to compelling sing-along anthems like “Hey You” & “Don’t Let em’ Get you Down”. Comprised of lead guitarist/vocalist Joshua Kennedy, bassist/back-up VOCALIST Ryan Prier, and drummer Danny “Chico” Diaz, the trio blends various rock & roll styles that span from the past 4 decades to form their own signature sound that resembles what would be the musical offspring of Tom Petty and the Foo Fighters.


Official Website

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