L.atasha A.lcindor – Spark EP


“SPARK” is a bullet shot in the dark. For about a year, I was fighting to find my sound and understanding of myself as an artist. However with a little faith, patience and freedom, I developed my newest EP “SPARK” presented to you by Djbooth.net. Keeping my eyes closed but my heart open, the EP is feeling in motion, thoughts in time and spirit in demonstration. Dedicated to my creativity and randomness, “SPARK” veers from electronica to hip hop to dancehall back to hip hop, with production from Willie B. of Digiphonics, The Fourth Coming, Ken10, London’s Freshnerd of 100akres and JWT, and features including Ryshon Jones, Dosage, Abstract Random and Tasha the Amazon, this project is my personality packed up in a ball of fire. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it.


Stream and Download HERE

Also her new “SUMMER IN L.A.” T-shirts drops Friday, May 17th. You can get them HERE


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