HelioS: sEMESTER DoS: kapSoura (Album)

I said it once, and I’ll say it again…I appreciate his creativity! Take a listen to his new album, sEMESTER DoS: kapSoura, below.

The story continues. After the events of my Winter Break that inspired The Frost EP, I went back to college for my second semester. The Spring semester…this album is born from that time. I present to you the darker, eyelash-batting, seductive side of my little corner of Florida. The innocence of sEMESTER UnO: Shards is gone. I used to hide behind the wall of my own naivete. This time, I come out to play. sEMESTER DoS: kapSoura:

A world where flighty pleasures,
Are highly treasured,
By those it makes feel slightly better.

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