La Mer – CLoser

She has a great voice…check her out.

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, La Mer, has had a exciting, deep, and tumultuous relationship with her music. From her time in the bright lights of New York City’s Broadway to giving her voice to the Brooklyn and New Orleans band, The Mumbles, she’s toured the United States, parts of western Europe, and released several EP’s. After taking a break from performing and touring, La Mer found herself taking time to explore her songwriting craft more in-depth, creating space for introspection, exploration and self-discovery. Returning to her native home in Los Angeles and immersing herself into the gritty beach culture of Venice, La Mer has honed in on a distinct signature sound that is both sweet and sexy, warm and insightful. Her collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer and engineer, Andy Kravitz, solidified the direction of her newest venture, “Anchor Baby” due out in June 2013.

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