Nothing Is Impossible: Desmond Blair Does Not Need Hands To Paint!

And you said what is impossible? This dude has no hands and is one of the best painters around. -via OffTopTV


My grandmother passed recently and Johnny Cash was one of her favorite artists. I was never too big into country myself but the sounds of country music bring back warm memories of her from childhood. In the wake of her passing I thought the cover Cash did of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt” just kind of fit the mood for the way I felt the weeks leading up to and following her death. I know the story behind the cover and it combines music that my grandmother loved with music that resonates with me. (NIN fan)

Anyway, hope you enjoy.
“The Hurt”
Oil on Canvas
Size: 32″x48″
Elapsed Time: 12 Hours

Johnny Cash Tribute – “The Hurt” — Traditional Painting from Desmond Blair on Vimeo.

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