Children’s Story: Should Hip-Hop Have a Mandatory Retirement Age?

Logan emailed this to me and said it was a must read. It is. It fits in perfectly with my last post on MC Lyte. Its funny, the older I get, the more I find myself listening to a LOT of hip hop for only the beats. There’s almost no point to listen for lyrical content. But rap used to be about something. What happened? Well, rappers stopped acting their age…TRUTH Minista Paul Scott breaks it down. He’s a genius.

“…Just look at the complexity of Busta Rhyme’s lyrics 20 years ago when he was with the Leaders of the New School (LONS) as compared to his recent work, proving that you can have a sick, supersonic, 60-bars-a-second flow and still say absolutely nothing of substance. If you you don’t believe me, just go back and listen to his verse on the LONS’s joint, “Understanding The Inner Minds Eye (TIME)”, where he spits, “It’s kinda ill when you don’t know what time/ Or whose time you are living in,” and compare it with his song with Lil Twist. I rest my case…”


For more from TRUTH Minista Paul Scott visit his: Official Website

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